Presidential reelection campaigns are rarely dynamic or exciting. The theme is carrying on rather than change: The emphasis is on continuing work that has already begun, rather than on a broad, ambitious new agenda.  There is, more generally, a sense of stasis, if not frustration: In most cases, after fourContinue Reading


Observers say Somalia’s accession to the bloc comes with multiple opportunities but also multiple challenges., After more than a decade of intense lobbying, Somalia has been admitted into the East African Community (EAC). After ratification by the Somali Federal Parliament, the membership will become official. The application process, started byContinue Reading


These six words have different meanings when scientists use them The vocabulary of science can be quite confusing. Not only do scientists use highly technical jargon, they sometimes use the same words as the general public… but with different meanings. Unfortunately, the end result is that scientists can be misunderstood. Continue Reading

SpaceX Launches Giant New Rocket But Explosions End the Second Test Flight

November 18, 2023 12:54 PM EST SpaceX launched its mega rocket Starship but lost both the booster and the spacecraft in a pair of explosions minutes into Saturday’s test flight. The rocketship reached space following liftoff from South Texas before communication suddenly was lost. SpaceX officials said it appears the ship’s self-destruct system blew itContinue Reading

There’s a Difference Between Responding and Reacting

Ideas society There’s a Difference Between Responding and Reacting There’s a Difference Between Responding and Reacting Ideas November 18, 2023 7:00 AM EST For centuries, philosophers have noted that between stimulus and response there is a space, and within it lies the freedom to choose our actions. That space represents our agency and humanity—unlike other animals, weContinue Reading


Israeli forces and settlers are terrorising the Palestinian population in the West Bank in preparation for annexation., Over the past month and a half, Israel’s genocidal goals in Gaza have become increasingly clear. Not only is the Israeli army mass-slaughtering civilians, but it is also carpet-bombing the enclave with theContinue Reading