Myanmar military takes fight against coup opponents to the skies as it loses ground on the battlefield., When the Myanmar military helicopters opened fire, first-graders Phone Tay Za and his cousin, Lin Lin, rushed to take cover behind a tamarind tree in their schoolyard, located on the grounds of aContinue Reading


India’s central bank is examining the exposure of banks to the group as its various firms continued to tank., Adani’s market losses swelled above $100bn on Thursday, sparking worries about a potential systemic impact a day after the Indian group’s flagship firm abandoned its $2.5bn stock offering. The shock withdrawalContinue Reading


Muslim-American legislator says her ‘voice will get louder and stronger’ after vote punishing her criticism of Israel., Washington, DC – United States Republicans have removed progressive Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her past criticism of Israel, drawing rebuke and accusations of bigotry from Democrats. InContinue Reading


Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez says the two countries agreed on a commitment to ‘mutual respect’., Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says Spain and Morocco have agreed to set aside their differences as they seek to repair a relationship marked by frequent disputes over migration and territory. Sanchez was speakingContinue Reading


Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in wage strikes., Video Duration 27 minutes 35 seconds What’s behind the public anger in the UK? | Inside Story From: Inside StoryHundreds of thousands of people have participated in wage strikes.They were the biggest strikes in the United Kingdom in more thanContinue Reading