South American states launch a joint alert system as Awa communities come under attack by armed groups., South American states launch a joint alert system as Awa communities come under attack by armed groups.Colombia and Ecuador have launched a joint alert system meant to protect Indigenous Awa communities from attacksContinue Reading


More than a million join protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to push retirement age from 62 to 64., Nationwide demonstrations take place against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to push the retirement age from 62 to 64.An estimated 1.28 million people have participated in a nationwide strike againstContinue Reading

Striking YouTube Music Workers Score Victory With NLRB Ruling: ‘Cognizant and Google Are Joint Employers’

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has officially determined that Google and Cognizant jointly employ striking YouTube Music team members – potentially setting the stage for an election through which the roughly 60-person division can join the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU). NLRB regional director Timothy Watson just recently penned theContinue Reading

Spain Requests US Cleanup of Cold War Nuclear Crash Site

Nearly sixty years after one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents, Spain has asked the United States to clean up tens of thousands of cubic meters of radioactive soil and end a controversial chapter of the Cold War. Madrid hopes that improved relations with Washington may make the U.S…Continue Reading


Newly proposed legislation would mean unauthorised arrivals will be prevented from claiming asylum and deported., The United Kingdom government has set out details of a new law barring the entry of asylum seekers arriving by unauthorised means, such as in small boats across the English Channel. Home secretary Suella BravermanContinue Reading


Judy Heumann, known as the mother of the disability rights movement, died on Saturday at the age of 75 in Washington, D.C. Heumann is perhaps best known for leading the longest occupation of a federal building in American history, paving the way for some of the first government laws and regulations guaranteeing equal accessContinue Reading


This article was originally published on Undark. Read the original article. Schizophrenia has long been understood to be among the most serious and intractable of all mental disorders. The condition typically begins in early adulthood and lasts a lifetime. Its hallmark features include hallucinations, withdrawal from social situations, and seriousContinue Reading