Thinking Is Power on Science, Technology, and the Future

From Science, Technology & the Future:

“Melanie Trecek-King is an Associate Professor of Biology at Massasoit Community College, where she teaches a general-education science course designed to equip students with empowering critical thinking, information literacy, and science literacy skills. An active speaker and consultant, Trecek-King loves to share her “teach skills, not facts” approach with other science educators and to help organizations meet their goals through better thinking. Trecek-King is also the Education Director for the Mental Immunity Project and CIRCE (Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative), which aim to advance and apply the science of mental immunity to inoculate minds against misinformation.”

Adam Ford and I discuss many topics, including teaching skills, not facts, my FLOATER toolkit for evaluating claims, and inoculating minds against misinformation. This interview took place after we both spoke at Skepticon, Australia’s national skeptic conference. Watch on YouTube.

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