Will the 2024 Republican nominee receive less than 40 percent of the vote for the fourth time in party history? As Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown awaits his opponent to emerge from next Tuesday’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, he is positioned as a slight favorite at best to retain his seatContinue Reading


Cruz received more support than any other major party candidate in a contested Texas U.S. Senate primary As Democrats brace to hold multiple vulnerable seats in an attempt to maintain their fragile majority in the U.S. Senate, they eye Ted Cruz’s seat in the state of Texas as one ofContinue Reading


In early 2022, economist Catherine Wolfram was at her desk in the U.S. Treasury building. She could see the east wing of the White House, just steps away. Russia had just invaded Ukraine, and Wolfram was thinking about Russia, oil, and sanctions. She and her colleagues had been tasked withContinue Reading

Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories, according to reliable Apple leaker and prototype collector known as “Kosutami.” From a report: In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami explained that Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories due to its poor durability. The company may move to another non-leatherContinue Reading


NEW: Playlists. Create and manage your own lists of episodes, videos, and movies. NEW: TV Shows and Video Groups now have an Auto Play setting to set their auto play behavior discretely. NEW: Ability to remove art and thumbnails from TV Shows, Episodes, Videos, and Movies NEW: webp format nowContinue Reading