In this article, I’ll cover the greatest coding language to learn how to make anything! It’s called Emojicode. Created in 2014 by Theo Belaire, Emojicode is an open source programming language that uses emoji characters to represent its syntax. When working in Emojicode, emoji are used to create variables, functions,Continue Reading


April 1st is all about fake stories and pretending. This makes it the perfect day to talk about mocking. Sometimes, using real objects is hard, ill-advised, or complicated. For example, a requests.Session connects to real websites. Using it in your unittests invites a…lot…of problems. Basic mocking in Python “Mocks” areContinue Reading

Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 531.29 arrives without any visible changes, fixing stability and high CPU usage issues in 531.18

Two weeks after bringing RTX Video Super Resolution alongside optimizations for Atomic Hearts and The Finals via the 531.18 version of its driver package, Nvidia is back with a new release. While launched as the GeForce Game Ready Driver 531.29, this piece of code does not include any new games in the GeForce Experience OptimalContinue Reading


10k delivery vehicles this year isn’t going to cut it and upstart really needs the cash Electric van maker Rivian and Amazon are reportedly in talks to scrap part of a 2019 deal that made the retail giant Rivian’s sole customer for its electric delivery vans.…, Read MoreContinue Reading