Iranian reporter tried in a closed court on charges linked to her coverage of Mahsa Amini’s funeral., Iranian journalist Elaheh Mohammadi, one of two Iranian reporters accused of conspiring against national security, was tried in a closed court on charges linked to her coverage of Mahsa Amini’s funeral.An Iranian journalistContinue Reading


The first Memorial Day was called “Decoration Day.” On May 5, 1868, commander-in-chief of a Union veterans’ organization Gen. John A. Logan announced the creation of a holiday as “designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of theirContinue Reading


“Unless (tech companies) are held accountable, legally, and financially, they have no incentive to right wrongs,” one expert said., (NewsNation) — Social media sites have “a profound risk of harm” to kids’ mental health and well-being, America’s top doctor said today — a contributor if not instigator for the mental healthContinue Reading

Getting a clear understanding of how customers use your products is vitally important for software suppliers. Product managers are best equipped to deliver valuable products if they have clear knowledge about this. Data-driven insights, available from entitlement management (EM) systems, are essential for optimizing product road mapping, packaging, provisioning, andContinue Reading