For those trying to reach the US on foot, the deadly winds of Tehuantepec are just one among myriad existential threats., The isthmus of Tehuantepec, the narrow strip of land that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, is known forContinue Reading


Ah, reminders. I’m not sure how I’d possibly function without ’em. (What were we talking about, again?) I rely on reminders for almost everything imaginable — making sure I respond to an important message, tackle a pressing task, and perform all sorts of embarrassingly mundane day-to-day chores that are bothContinue Reading


World War II concluded decades ago, but live mines lurking on the ocean floor still pose threats, potentially spewing unexpected geysers or releasing contaminants into the water. Experts conduct controlled explosions to clear underwater munitions, but concerns have arisen over the environmental impacts from these blasts. New results show thatContinue Reading

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang, who runs the semiconductor industry’s most valuable company, said the US is as much as 20 years away from breaking its dependence on overseas chipmaking. From a report: Huang, speaking at the New York Times’s DealBook conference in New York, explained how his company’sContinue Reading