Getting a clear understanding of how customers use your products is vitally important for software suppliers. Product managers are best equipped to deliver valuable products if they have clear knowledge about this. Data-driven insights, available from entitlement management (EM) systems, are essential for optimizing product road mapping, packaging, provisioning, andContinue Reading


Ubuntu 23.10 is aiming to ship the CUPS printing stack as a snap package. Canonical’s Till Kamppeter, who is also the project lead for the OpenPrinting Project, says he wants to “…switch Ubuntu 23.10, the Mantic Minotaur, as planned, to use the CUPS Snap as its printing system and theContinue Reading


Hydrogen infrastructure system specialist GenH2 has executed an MOU with ZeroAvia to develop liquid hydrogen aviation infrastructure solutions for use at airports. ZeroAvia is developing a hydrogen-electric aviation powertrain. The company aims to retrofit its fuel cell-powered engines to existing fixed-wing and rotorcraft airframes in order to reduce time toContinue Reading


Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are essential in protecting computer networks from unauthorized access and potential dangers in the field of cybersecurity. Snort IDS stands out among the many available IDS choices as a robust and extensively used open-source solution for detecting and preventing network intrusions. This tutorial shows you howContinue Reading


With so much personal information available on Facebook, including birthdays, jobs and family updates, it’s no surprise that you don’t want all of your information shared with the world. When you want to exercise more control of what other Facebook users see, especially those who are not your friends, it’sContinue Reading