Josh Bernstein insists that there is “no way” that the collapse of the bridge in Baltimore was an accident: “This was an implosion of some kind.” Jim Garlow asserts that the collapse was either the result of “DEI incompetence” or terrorism. Dutch Sheets claims that he had a prophetic dreamContinue Reading


Christian nationalist William Cook’s America’s Black Robe Regiment group is teaming up for an event with Rick Joyner, Che Ahn, and others in North Carolina. Lance Wallnau claims that everyone knows that former President Barack Obama was “a closet Muslim.” Andrew Torba declares that modern Jews are part of aContinue Reading


“We saw what was coming and joined forces to fight the good fight against the right wing all the way back in 2006. 18 years later, we’re still fighting.” Howie Klein of  Down With Tyranny , Digby of  Hullabaloo, John Amato of  Crooks and Liars , (and me) Jacquie– who was firedContinue Reading