This article was funded by the Marvel Cooke Fellowship. Read more about this reporting project and make a contribution to fund our fellowship budget. Joseph Wilson, who is incarcerated in a maximum security state prison, believes COVID-19 worsened the existing crisis of incarceration in the United States and amplified the urgency for mutual aidContinue Reading


Subscribe to the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast with this free trial offer.Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder and co-author of War In Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict, and Ann Wright, a CODEPINK member, retired Army colonel, and former State Department diplomat, join “Unauthorized Disclosure” hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola toContinue Reading


Dave Wagner, a leader of the 1977 Madison, Wisconsin, newspaper strike and a leader in the cooperatively-produced daily progressive newspaper Madison Press Connection, died on February 21 at the age of seventy-eight., Read MoreContinue Reading


The movement to ban certain books is gaining traction in Florida and around the country. Florida, with its ridiculous “Stop W.O.K.E.” and “Don’t Say Gay” laws is ground zero for the book banning rampage., Read MoreContinue Reading


Originally posted at Ongoing History of Protest Music Canadian hardcore punk band Fucked Up recently released their sixth full-length album “One Day.” As denoted by the album’s title, each band member committed to a self-imposed time frame of 24 hours to write and record their contributions. Compared to their previousContinue Reading