News For This Wrongly Convicted Man, Making Jewelry ‘Takes Away From the Hardness That Prison Created’ Kenneth Hovland found solace in jewelry-making through his four decades of wrongful conviction. 07.12.23 By Meghan Nguyen (Image: Kenny Karpov/Innocence Project) Kenneth used jewelry-making to aid in his journey of healing after the traumaticContinue Reading


Originally published at Ongoing History of Protest MusicDivide and Dissolve is an Australian-based instrumental doom metal duo that features saxophonist and guitarist Takiaya Reed and percussionist Sylvie Nehill. For the female duo, the act of simply inhabiting a prominently white male genre space is political. Reed is descended from “indigenousContinue Reading


The following independent journalism was made possible by paid subscribers. Take advantage of this discount offer and subscribe to Shadowproof’s Dissenter Newsletter today.While the United States Justice Department has increasingly wielded the Espionage Act to make an example out of government employees or contractors, federal prosecutors have been reluctant to chargeContinue Reading