The closely-controlled process to choose a new Senate is under scrutiny after some alleged it was unlawful., Bangkok, Thailand – Thailand’s nearly one-month-long Senate selection process kicked off last week, amid accusations that the system is skewed in favour of the conservative establishment, and as legal threats against the oppositionContinue Reading


The National Weather Service issued a heat watch for parts of the United States, predicting a “prolonged period of dangerously hot conditions.” Dozens of heat-related deaths have been reported this summer in India, where temperatures have surged to 120 degrees. In Greece, authorities are concerned as tourists have gone missingContinue Reading


Dave Collins and Juan A. Lozano @ Associated Press: Alex Jones’ personal assets will be sold to help pay Sandy Hook debt as judge decides Infowars’ fate A federal judge on Friday ordered the liquidation of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ′ personal assets but was still deciding on his company’sContinue Reading