At least 26 dead in Mississippi after the deadliest tornadoes in more than a decade tear through the southern US state., Debris covers the ground in Silver City, Mississippi, the United States. [Michael Goldberg/AP Photo]Residents in Mississippi started clean-up operations on Sunday after a destructive tornado tore across the state,Continue Reading

In the early days of computing, authentication was simple, but the approach grew in sophistication over time. For example, modern password-based authentication systems like Kerberos don’t actually transmit passwords anymore; they generate an authentication token that is submitted instead. But even with these enhancements, a username-and-password based approach to authentication still hasContinue Reading


General al-Burhan reiterates the army will be brought under a civilian-led government as talks on army reforms kick off., General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan reiterates that the army will be brought under a civilian-led government as talks on military reforms began on Sunday.Sudan’s military leader General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan has reiteratedContinue Reading

Video Game Writer Chris Avellone’s Accusers Issue Public Statement Retracting Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Back in June of 2src21 I reported on video game writer Chris Avellone’s libel lawsuit against two women who had accused Avellone of sexual assault on Twitter. Avellone publicly denied the accusations and announced he was taking both women to court over their statements. Now, nearly two years later, the case has been settled. Avellone’sContinue Reading


National Congress Party’s leading MP expelled from parliament and faces two years in jail for defamation., India’s main opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has been expelled from parliament and sentenced to two years in jail. Gandhi was convicted over a speech that a court said defamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ButContinue Reading