Jordan Green and Mark Alesia @ Raw Story: The Traitor’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested The Traitor’s loyal surrogates have duly embraced the project — perhaps no one more zealously than Ivan Raiklin, a retired Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and former U.S.Continue Reading


A Collaboration with Generation Skeptics Are you looking for a way to incorporate more critical thinking and nature of science content into your classroom but your curriculum is already full? We have a solution: Bellringers! I’ve been creating short videos for social media on topics like pseudoscience, science denial, conspiracyContinue Reading


A simple step-by-step tutorial on how to install Void Linux in physical and virtual machine. Void Linux is a distribution that’s designed to be lightweight, secure, and easy to use. It is an independent distribution and not based on Debian or Fedora Linux. Void Linux continuously updates its core packages,Continue Reading


Sakuu, a provider of commercial-scale equipment and technologies to the battery manufacturing industry, has announced a joint development agreement (JDA) with EV battery manufacturer SK On. Central to the agreement is the industrialization of Sakuu’s dry-process Kavian platform. Sakuu says its dry-process manufacturing, together with its electrode printing technology, eliminatesContinue Reading


Sponsored by Aspen Aerogels. The safety of Li-ion batteries relies on containing single-cell thermal runaway (TR) events so that they cannot propagate into adjacent cells, triggering a cascading failure. While the thermal energy released during a runaway event can take multiple pathways, the most significant are:  Cell-to-cell conduction Solid-, liquid-,Continue Reading