India concerned for citizens’ safety in Canada because of ‘politically condoned hate crimes and criminal violence’., India’s foreign ministry says it is concerned for safety of its citizens in Canada because of ‘politically condoned hate crimes and criminal violence’.India has warned its citizens against visiting parts of Canada, the latestContinue Reading


With apocalyptic scenes of increasing fires, floods, and heatwaves proliferating, it is clear that the climate crisis is accelerating. As part of national and global efforts to lower carbon emissions, stop fossil fuel expansion, and halt the worst effects of the crisis, the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)Continue Reading


Manufacturing firms are already investing in a range of technologies that could serve as the building blocks for the industrial “metaverse,” but the end of goal of fully interconnected, immersive environments is likely to take longer to realize.The metaverse concept has been used in recent years primarily to describe theContinue Reading