The first televised presidential debate, in 1960, began with both candidates sitting before approaching their respective podiums. Nixon was memorably not telegenic: sweaty and uncomfortable. On the chair next to him, Kennedy, with his legs crossed, appears relaxed, youthful, and handsome. In the intervening 60 years, we have come toContinue Reading

T4T Transgender Showcase: What’s On In Queer Melbourne

Back by popular demand, T4T Transgender Showcase brings the best Trans performers onstage for a celebration of pure and unbridled trans expression! Host Anna Piper Scott is quick to admit … The post T4T Transgender Showcase: What’s On In Queer Melbourne appeared first on Star Observer…Read MoreContinue Reading


The US-China rivalry is escalating, but its dynamics are very different from the clash between the US and the USSR., As tensions between China and the United States are escalating, there is much talk among scholars and commentators about a new Cold War between the two powers. US officials have also indicated thatContinue Reading