The Space Weather Prediction Center is closely watching the arrival of a super-hot plasma eruption, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), that will slam into Earth tonight, writes longtime Slashdot reader StyleChief. Images of the huge sunspot “rotating to face the earth” can be viewed here. The Space WeatherContinue Reading

Astronomers Discover Farthest Fast Radio Burst Yet

Astronomers have detected a new FRB and localized its source to a group of two or three merging galaxies at a redshift of about 1, more than halfway back (about 8 billion years ago) to the Big Bang. The post Astronomers Discover Farthest Fast Radio Burst Yet appeared first onContinue Reading


Events since October 7 have put the US-Israel relationship on full display., Skip links Skip to Content Live Navigation menu News Middle East Africa Asia US & Canada Latin America Europe Asia Pacific Israel-Gaza war Features Economy Opinion Video Ukraine war Coronavirus Climate Crisis Investigations Interactives In Pictures Science &Continue Reading